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The ultimate guide to finding the best body piercing shop

by Alex Zarfati

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Are you fond of body piercing, then choosing the right body piercing shop is an important decision. While exploring the options, you’ll come across trendy pop-up shops to high-end studios. More so, don’t just get impressed by the vibrant or trendy names of the shops, because it’s beyond this. If you are in Miami and seriously want to get inked with the best artists, then choose Salvation Tattoo Lounge. Here, you’ll discover unique artwork and experience excellence to create lasting impressions on your body. Remember, all you need to consider is the work or diverse styles of the artist. That’s not enough to find the best body piercer; there are several key points or essential factors. So, this ultimate guide helps you with piercing choices, types of shops, artists, skills, health, and safety.

Know the reasons why people love to get body piercings.

According to history and modern practice, getting pierced was practiced by many indigenous cultures. It was considered a status symbol, part of important rituals and rites of passage, and so many reasons.

Later, during the 1970s and 80s, this trend of getting pierced by the punk subculture started in Europe and the United States. Punks follow this trend to show their liberty.

However, with the changing era of style, body piercing has become a part of the mainstream. Nowadays, people getting pierced is all about expressing their style or personality. All in all, there are several influential factors behind the rising popularity of piercing, such as spiritual significance, self-expression, aesthetic appeal, sensory experience, and rebellion.

How to research the best body piercer near you

Ask for recommendations: Always ask your friends or relatives who recently get pierced. Their experience with the piercer gives you the best advice for choosing the right body piercer. They’ll guide you well about the artist’s skills, hygiene, safety, and aftercare tips provided by the reputed piercing shops or studios.

Online reviews: You can visit the listed body piercing shops online. Here, you can see customers’ ratings and reviews. More so, to see their work, you can check their portfolio before finalizing the one.

Hygiene and Sterilization: Make sure to visit the body piercing shop to check out the cleanliness and hygiene level maintained there. At Salvation Tattoo Lounge, we have capable professionals with a deep knowledge of skin types and potential allergies experienced after surgery. Hence, our piercer discusses it clearly with you and performs sterilization to keep the customers safe. Also, they understand the cross-contamination prevention techniques to deal with any skin rashes or allergies.

As a good piercer, they provide you with a complete guide to aftercare tips for easy and quick healing. So, always choose an experienced one with all the hygiene and safety as their studio.

License or Certification: Our qualified artist holds a certification and has a vast knowledge of types of piercing for different body parts, different piercing styles, the right jewelry for different skin types, and so many others. They will guide you well on your idea of getting pierced.

Range of services: Always choose a piercer who is skilled enough in different types of piercings or body areas.

A good listener or Communicator: This one is a must, too. An artist who listens to his client’s requirements always puts effort into providing customers with satisfactory services.

Essential considerations while looking for the right body piercing shop

Whenever you plan to get pierced, then you need to consider several points for a better decision.

  • While you are looking for piercing shops, then it is important to do good research about it. Always prefer a shop or studio with brilliant piercing techniques.

  • Do not rush to any random piercer based on price or convenience, which is unlicensed and has zero safety or precautions for the customers.

  • A highly qualified, skilled, and professional artist in this field can guarantee the best piercing experience for their customers. They hold certification and, hence, prioritize safety for customers.

  • Reputed artists always use disposable needles and sterling equipment.

  • They know how to avoid risks or how to deal with any infections, allergic reactions, and other issues during piercing.

  • A potential piercer can offer the right advice on the type of jewelry suitable for different skin types or for the specific body parts you want to get pierced.

  • A professional one always guides you with aftercare tips for your new piercing. In addition, they are willing to answer all your doubts without getting irritated.


With our years of experience in this interesting or artistic profession, we always guide you to choose the best body piercing shop with the following checklist.

  • Skilled and qualified piercer

  • Hygiene and Sterilization

  • Efficient in different types of piercing styles or body areas

  • Licensed

  • Cooperative and a good listener.

Do not forget to follow the aftercare tips provided by your piercer.

In the inked alleys of Miami, where skin is canvas, every tattoo narrates a story in black and grey. Join us as we unveil the city's vibrant artistry, one stroke at a time.

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