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Getting a tattoo should be a serious decision made responsibly as its a decision you'll soon appreciate deeply.

Salvation Tattoo is a company which stands by its reputation for great quality and excellent customer service, which means every client is extremely important to us. Our reputation for having the best tattoo artists in Miami is also due to the professionalism and service we as a company stand by every day.

When searching for a Miami Tattoo Artists, always look at the artists portfolio, and pay even closer attention to the tattoo artist's character. Great tattoos are created not only with great talent, but with great personal qualities like:

  • Patience to listen to what the client is truly trying to achieve.
  • Inspiration to be enthusiastic and excited for the clients design.
  • Comprehension to understand what the client truly wants, and...
  • Perseverance to making sure that you see the design through to the end to achieving the best possible results.

Tattoo Appointments Preferred

Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome. Contact us to discuss the details of the design and we usually can give you an estimate in minutes on the price. No shop minimums but tattoos usually start at $50. We do not charge for preparing artwork or revisions, however we do take a $50-$100 deposit which is deducted from the final price of the tattoo.

Book with confidence as we guarantee you will be pleased with the preparation of your artwork, or you will be given a full refund of your deposit. Refunds do not apply to clients if you are a no-show, or if you simply changed your mind after the artist started preparing your artwork.

Tattoo Safety Checklist

The #1 way to protect yourself and your clients is to maintain a sterile work environment. You should treat every tattoo you do the same way a doctor would a medical procedure, which means stocking up on certain supplies to keep your workspace clean, your tools sterilized, and you and your clients happy and healthy. Here's a list of items that you should always have on hand and use in between and during every tattoo you do:

Gloves - Wear them when cleaning/prepping to do a tattoo, and then throw them away, wash your hands with Antibacterial soap, and put on a fresh pair before you begin working. Anytime you have to touch something outside of your sterile field, you take a break, etc., change your gloves.

Soaking Solution Wipe down your tattoo chair and the rest of your work area with Madacide fast-drying disinfectant (available in spray and wipe form). Use Auto-clean autoclave cleaner and enhancer to sterilize your autoclave. Bottom line: there are a lot of things you need to keep clean in your shop, and there's an ideal cleaner for each of them.

Check out our Infectious control: cleaners and disinfectants section to find the best of the best supplies for keeping your shop as clean as possible.

Autoclave - Invest in a good autoclave that you can use to properly sterilize your tools in between clients. You'll also need Sterilization Pouches to use with your autoclave.

Sharps Containers Prevent accidental needle sticks and properly dispose of needles in Sharps containers. There are a variety of Sharps recovery solutions available, so you can choose the right size container or when you're traveling vs. working in your shop. Read our Sharps Disposable Recovery System article for more information on how the sharps program works

Topical Skin Cleaners - It's important to thoroughly cleanse each client's skin before you start tattooing them. Green Soap is one of the most popular pre-tattooing cleansers, but it isn't your only option. You should avoid straight rubbing alcohol, though, because while it can assist ink in entering the skin more easily, it can also cause ink to be carried further into a person's system than desired.

Tattoo Needles - We always use prepackaged sterile disposable needles for every tattoo we do to ensure the safety of all of our customers.

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