Miami Tattoo by Fabiano

Fabiano has become one of the Best Tattoo Artists in Miami. Born in Brazil and working at Salvation Tattoo and has not worked in Miami Tattoo Shops for long, none the less he is still doing some of the Best Tattoos in Miami if you consider how long he has been here in the United States. Everyday he is at the Miami Beach location doing tattoos and he will be taking appointments at the South Beach Tattoo Shops. He is also taking appointments in our Tattoo Shop in Coral Springs which is closer to you if you live in Ft Lauderdale so you will always have Tattoos Nearby if you need to get something done. Call our customer support phone number at 305-318-4711 to schedule something with him or with another Miami Tattoo Artists.

When booking an appointment please be sure to specify what size you'd like the tattoo to be in, where on the body it will be going, decide if it's color or Black and Gray, and also make a special point about the level of detail. These are all things that will help us to determine what the final price of your tattoo will be.

For Body Piercing, specify the body part, the jewelry you would like to use, and any allergies you may have before you get something done.

Choosing a location is a decision you want to make between the current 3 locations that we have in South Beach, Miami Beach, or Coral Springs. We currently do not have any tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale but we are in the process of changing that. Our next Tattoo Shop will probably be in Cooper City Florida right near Pembroke Pines.

Please call our main number for more information or to speak to someone about your tattoo ideas and we will be happy to help you decide on your tattoo.

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