Henna in Miami

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Salvation Tattoo Lounge - is dedicated to providing high quality Henna Body Art. There aren't many henna shops in Miami or even henna artists in Miami, which is because henna should be done by artists as a true art form.
Our henna artists are dedicated to creating unique and personalized henna designs. Our Henna tattoo products only contain 100% natural Henna, sugar, lemon juice, and essential oils.
Our products are generally safe to use on children and during pregnancy, however a doctor should always be consulted if you have concerns.
We never use any chemical dyes or additives, nut products, or preservatives. Our Henna is being done by real artists with the ability to do most any artwork requested.
Henna Tattoo in Miami Beach is rapidly growing in popularity and has become somewhat of a local trend.

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Pretty Henna Tattoo Design
White Henna Tattoo at Salvation Tattoo Lounge
Flower Henna in Miami Beach
tattoo shops near me pembroke pines
tattoo shops near me pembroke pines

What Color is Henna and How Long Does it Last?

Once the paste is removed, the yellow-orange stain will begin to oxidize and become darker over the next 48 hours. Natural henna will always leave a stain in the range of orange/red/brown, however, the exact shade can vary. Darkness varies with each persons body chemistry, the area of body chosen, and the length of time the paste remained in contact with the skin.

The longer the paste is in contact with your skin, the darker the color and the longer lasting it will be. It will last the longest, 1-2 weeks, on thicker, dry skin such as hands and feet, and will fade more quickly, 3-10 days, on thinner skinned areas such as arms, chest, and back.

As your skin exfoliates and regenerates your mehndi will completely disappear. To obtain the best possible stain apply the paste to hands and feet, keep the area very warm, and leave the paste on at least 8 hours.

Natural henna will never dye your skin purple, pink, blue, or black. Any henna that dyes your skin a color other than reddish-brown has chemicals added that are not clearly healthy or safe. Please use only safe and natural brown henna.

Does it Hurt?

Mehndi is completely temporary and pain free since the skin is not broken as in traditional tattooing. When the paste is applied to the skin it feels cool, this is due to the natural cooling properties of the henna plant. You may feel tingling or tickling. This is caused by the essential oils such as eucalyptus which are sometimes used in the mix. Henna feels much like lotion and does not hurt at all.

Application of henna paste can be quite relaxing and enjoyable, especially in the warm summer months as it’s cooling and soothing to the skin.

Is it Safe?

The henna plant is one of the oldest cosmetics ever used and is extremely safe.

Natural henna, when applied to the skin rarely causes any adverse reactions, if you are concerned you should do a small patch test first. Natural henna is safe even for use on children as it contains no dangerous chemical dyes or harsh additives.

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