Body Piercing in Miami

Where there are tattoo shops, there tend to be body piercing shops too. There is a current trend that has taken both art forms and put them together so you can get a tattoo and piercing in one establishment. The amount of body piercing shops in Miami is increasing. At Salvation Tattoo Lounge you get more than you bargained for with the ability to get a body piercing and a tattoo in the same great shop.

Our sterilization techniques are the same for both artistic body art forms. We understand that hygiene is imperative for every body piercing and tattoo client. Our warm and inviting atmosphere makes getting a body piercing a fun and exciting event geared toward making the moment friendly, fun, and unforgettable in the best way possible. We even have numbing gel that can take some of the bite out of piercing your body.


We Support Our Body Piercing Clients


Having your body pierced is a form of artistic communication. As one of the best piercing places in Miami, Salvation Tattoo Lounge is ready to enhance your body with a line of gorgeous piercings that are sterile and ready to be used. Let us help you create a beautiful and distinctive look that enriches your form with piercings that adorn your body.

Your piercing visions can become a reality when you discuss the type of piercings you would like to try with our experts. Our focus is to make sure you are comfortable and understand the piercing process from start to finish. We even have after care products available so you are sure to be able to help your body recuperate.

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What To Expect from a Piercing Session at Salvation Tattoo Lounge:

  • A Safe and Clean Environment
  • Informative and Friendly Body Piercing Specialists
  • Sterile Jewelry for Piercings
  • Respect and Communication Concerning Piercing Choices
  • Before and After Care Products

Contact Us Today

Feel free to contact us today to schedule a piercing appointment, or to speak with our friendly and professional body piercing specialists. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your piercings whether this is your first experience or not.

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