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Tattoo Artist

Born and raised in California, Steve is an ever-learning tattoo artist. He has no preference in style when it comes to this medium of art. He enjoys all work that comes his way and believes it is a blessing to do what he loves for a living. Besides tattooing, Steve has a deep love for reading, gaming, and exercising; a healthy body is a healthy mind.

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tattoo shops pembroke pines
Beach Family Color Tattoo done by Steve Ramos at Salvation Tattoo
Realistic Octopus Tattoo done by the Best Tattoo Artist in Miami
Jocker Portrait Black and Grey
Reaistic Rose at Salvation Tattoo Lounge in Miami Beach
tattoo shops near me pembroke pines
Ocean Theme Tattoo in Color done by Steve Ramos
Realilstic Pink Rose Sleeve at Salvation Tattoo Lounge in Miami Beach
Viking Surrealism Tattoo at Salvation Tattoo Lounge
Delicate Black Flower in Miami Beach