Fernando Batman

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Tattoo Artist

“Fernando Batmann” Brazilian tattoo artist living in South Florida. I’ve been tattooing for over 20 years. I’ve tattooed both in my home country of Brazil and here in the United States. As a self taught tattoo artist, I like to work with all kinds of tattoo styles. Everything from custom tattoos, cover-ups, realistic tattoos, tribal etc. My specialty if I had one is cover-ups. I am also a big music enthusiast and I’ve been told I have Call of Duty Fever. As well as being an artist I am a father, husband, and avid animal lover. I enjoy teaching my son the drums and playing with him with just about anything. When I have spare time it is mainly spent enjoying my loving family. In my opinion, a harmony between the customer and the tattoo artist, always results in excellent tattoos….

tattoo shops pembroke pines