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Tattoo Artist and Fine Arts Painter

Born in Cuba, from childhood AliƩn Perez got a peculiar talent and interest in painting. From then he was absolutely dedicated to the learning of this art form. At age 20, Perez obtained the title of technician of fine arts. Immersed in the artistic lifestyle, Perez began to see tattooing as a way of modern expression, where he can translate his work, and it wasn't long before he could devote himself fully to tattooing. At the age of 22 he moved to Spain {madrid} to continue his university studies in las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he studied graphic design, typography and telegraphy, fashion design, and Illustration. His passion for painting and illustration are reflected later in tattooing, considering the skin as a means of living expression, that allows him to explore a new world. By 2015 Perez moves to the USA {Miami} where he immerses himself professionally into the tattoo world where he matures and perfects his technique. Exited to follow a comprehensive artistic journey, Perez continues to overcome obstacles but is eager to share with those who wish to bring a piece of his art into their lives and on to their bodies.

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