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The fine art of being a tattoo artist takes true talent. The Salvation Tattoo Lounge is proud to be the artistic home of talented tattoo artists that specialize in many different types of tattoo work. We understand that having a tattoo on your body is a form of personal expression.

Make sure your ink is done by the best tattoo artists in the tattoo industry. This includes all styles of tattoos. When you visit our establishment you will find many talented artist that can turn your ideas into works of art that you can be proud of.


Born in Cuba, from childhood Alién Perez got a peculiar talent and interest in painting. From then he was absolutely dedicated to the learning of this art form. At age 20, Perez obtained the title of technician of fine arts. Immersed in the artistic lifestyle, Perez began to see tattooing as a way of modern expression, where he can translate his work, and it wasn't....


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Brazilian artist born in Sao Paulo, starts his artist career in 2000, although he liked and dedicated himself to art since very early. He currently has 3 books published  and has his work in several Brazilian magazines. Currently considered a reference in Realist Black & Gray he is also an Art Teacher over 5 years now. 


My name is Max. I was born in Brazil. And I'm tattooing since 1998. I worked in different countries like Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Holland and France. My favorite styles are Black & Grey and New School. I won more than 10 awards at Nation and International...


I’ve been tattooing for over 20 years. I’ve tattooed both in my home country of Brazil and here in the United States. As a self taught tattoo artist, I like to work with all kinds of tattoo styles. Everything from custom tattoos, cover-ups, realistic tattoos, tribal etc. My specialty if I had one is cover-ups. I am also a big music 


Cesar has drawn and created art since he can remember. Cesar started tattooing straight out of High school and continues to learn new techniques and styles continuously. 

Eduardo Zuazua

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Lebster Pabon

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Filipe Soldier

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Our tattoo shops are the perfect places to meet some of the best tattoo artists in florida. When you want to express yourself in a variety of colorful ways via body ink, we have the best tattoo artist in Miami to fulfill those needs.

With many years of experience creating outstanding tattoos, our artists are prepared to provide you with professional ink that makes our tattoos look realistic and in-depth. Our artist’s attention to detail, depth, and shadows makes our work consistently praise worthy. We have a passion for tattoos with award winning artists to prove it.

Express yourself and create a visual work of art that is sure to show your dedication to body art. You won’t be disappointed with our wide range of tattoo artists and unique genre of tattoo styles.

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