Ok so I know my last review was only a few days ago but hey we went back the night before flying out to head back to New Orleans. My wife was so happy with her Cheshire Cat she decided to finish her wonderland sleeve with the mad hatter.
Now here's the thing we get to the shop and are a little late 🙁 we got turned around and stuck in traffic (damn tourists) that being us. They were still as nice as could be and stayed late to finish yet another 8 hour piece.
I have quite a few tattoos and my wife does as well and we have never found any artist as accommodating as here at salvation. I am sure if we lived in south beach I would have to buy stock in this company or I'd go broke getting work done every other week:-) so glad we found his shop. Well with the trip. thanx!!! Ettore

Tim T.,

I came in super nervous to get my nipples pierced (I have the pain tolerance of a new born), but the entire staff made me feel a hell of a lot more comfortable. I got pierced by Rich (Richie?) and he was funny and helped put me at ease. I did have one other person watching/learning how to do the piercing, which might not be everyone's cup of tea, but he asked politely and I had no problem with him watching.

The piercing itself was over pretty quickly and wasn't as painful as I thought/heard. Their prices were also really affordable. I'd highly recommend this shop and especially Rich (Richie?). I'll definitely be back again soon.


On our 1st trip to Miami we were looking for a great tattoo spot...after talking to alot of locals about what's the best of the best...after lot of people said go see Hector at Salvation Tattoo on Washington. So stoked about everything..he was so cool and hooked up up super nice..the boy got crazy crazy skills and everyone knows it.

This is probably the most beautiful tattoo shop I've been at. Everything was really clean, friendly staff and it was pretty easy to make an appointment. My sister and I got tattoos from Rustem and my husband from Redd. The tattoos are super crisp and healed perfectly. We all even got a phone call to see how we were doing after the tattoo. We got the healing kit that comes with $25 off next tattoo so we're all waiting to get a next idea to kick in for tattoo. Absolutely love this place. Only thing I must say is a downside is the parking. It's in the middle of Miami Beach and we parked at a garage that was about a mile away. (Dumb us I know) but there is also parallel parking in the front of the store.

For those of you who would like to know more about this place always check out their website where you can also request an appointment and they'll give you a call within 1 day! Highly recommend it. My contact person in Carolina, Rustem, and Redd. Really sweet nice people.