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Rey Perez






Certified Tattoo Artist


Eight years ago, without a set path or formal classrooms, I immersed myself in the world of tattooing with the determination to learn on my own. My journey as a self-taught person has been a constant exploration, where each line and shadow became valuable lessons. Since my beginnings, I set out to address all styles, facing each challenge as an opportunity for growth. Realism emerged as my most powerful technique, an artistic expression that transcends the skin to capture the essence of reality in each work. Throughout these years, my learning has been a symphony of experimentation, mistakes and achievements. Each tattoo has been a blank page where I have captured my artistic evolution. Self-discipline and passion have been my constant teachers, driving me to perfect my art. I have forged my own path, managing the palette of styles from traditional to abstract. Each design is a story told in ink, a fusion of techniques that reflect my dedication to diversity in the art of tattooing. Without a formal school, each work has been my classroom, each client my teacher. The tattoo community has been my university, where we exchange experiences and celebrate creativity in all its forms. Today, with eight years of experience, I am on a journey that never stops evolving. My canvas is skin, my ink is visual narrative, and my inspiration continues to grow. My story as a self-taught artist continues, and each tattoo is a chapter written with passion, determination and the constant desire to push the limits of my own creativity.


+1 (954) 227-3400

1302 N. University Dr.
Coral Springs, FL 33071
United States

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