John White

I’m John White and I’m an artist from New York City.

I’ve been drawing my entire life and I learned a lot about every different style of art from the people around me. My father was a comic book artist for DC and my brother was a well known graffiti artist in the Bronx. My grandmother taught me how to draw a portrait when I was young and having all of their influences inspire me at a young age led me to the art of tattooing where I’m able to express my creativity through various styles. I got my first tattoo when I was 16 and I made my first tattoo that same year.

I’ve ran clothing lines that have featured my art work, painted murals and train yards, designed cartoons, comics, film and television sets and worked in all different forms of graphic design. Through all of these outlets, I’ve come to know flow, composition, balance, contrast, color theory and all outlier elements very well. Come get a tattoo and I’m sure you’ll love it!


neckeye skullcompass skullgirlwarrior pistons roses2  bettie owlskullhipsterskull ufo wolf wlbowrose miami palmtree fish rose4 facelessdude hourglas koi neotiger mandalamountain foottat swords jesus handrose1 hand elephantdove grenade toothtaker  eyeonlegteenwolf beauty-is-pain gamble dogtags guadalupe cross blackwatercolor bear gorilla coverup1

1612 Washington Avenue - Miami Beach, FL