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Ettore Bechis

Ettore Bechis, born in Toreno Italy is an international tattoo super star known famously for being one of the best realism tattoo artists in Italy. After years of traveling around the world and working in dozens of tattoo shops, Ettore finally landed in South Beach, Miami where he met owner/operator of Salvation Tattoo and also native Italian Alex Zarfati. The chemistry between the two was instant (it was like 2 pepperoni’s on a pizza) and it wasn’t long before Ettore felt comfortable enough to call Sunny South Florida his new home away from home. Ettore also owns his own tattoo shop in Cantu, Italy where he continues to tattoo for months at a time and usually by appointment.

Ettore Bechis has been recognized and written about in several National and International Tattoo magazines including “Tattoo”, “Skin Deep”, “Tattoo.1Tribal”, “Tattoo Magazine”, “Custom Tattooz”, “Tattoo Burst”, “Digital Tattoo Magazine” and more. His artwork has bean reviewed as “distinctive and unique in his style of realism” and “incredibly creative and intuitive in his perspective”. Ettore Bechis is fast becoming one of the greatest this industry has to offer and there’s absolutely no limit to what he can become.

Now Ettore Bechis has reached a level of respect and credibility to pass along what he knows to create the next wave of tattoo superstars in America. And he intends on making it his goal to teach you what noone was willing to teach anyone before. Hands on training with a talent of Ettore’s level is equal to blasting your career into another world of understanding and knowledge in tattooing. Ettore is available for the Master Tattoo Institute’s advance courses which will be available in the summer of 2013.

“Ettore probably is the most naturally talented artists we have at Salvation Tattoo” says Zarfati (the owner of Salvation). “Every tattoo for him has to be a masterpiece, he truly puts everything into every tattoo with unwavering ambition and effort”

Realism is a tattoo style that’s based on photo-realistic artwork ranging from butterfly’s to human portraits and beyond. This style being the absolute highest in demand by clients who want tattoos today, and it also happens to be the most challenging. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, come to the Master Tattoo Institute and meet artists like Ettore Bechis who in minutes can lift your tattooing ability with new techniques you never new existed. We wish you luck, and we wish you a great career.


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John White

I’m John White and I’m an artist from New York City.

I’ve been drawing my entire life and I learned a lot about every different style of art from the people around me. My father was a comic book artist for DC and my brother was a well known graffiti artist in the Bronx. My grandmother taught me how to draw a portrait when I was young and having all of their influences inspire me at a young age led me to the art of tattooing where I’m able to express my creativity through various styles. I got my first tattoo when I was 16 and I made my first tattoo that same year.

I’ve ran clothing lines that have featured my art work, painted murals and train yards, designed cartoons, comics, film and television sets and worked in all different forms of graphic design. Through all of these outlets, I’ve come to know flow, composition, balance, contrast, color theory and all outlier elements very well. Come get a tattoo and I’m sure you’ll love it!


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Meet The Staff Image 300 X 214

Hector Escalante

Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico

His earliest paintings are from the time when he was a year old. His interest in the visual arts led him to take lots of courses and workshops at the Montessori High School where he studied, as well as taking various artists workshops in his city. With both his artist parents teaching and advising him, he decided to study art at the School of Visual Arts in San Juan.

Art Exhibitions.

Outdoor Exhibitions of Graffiti Walls – 1996 to present
Collective Exhibtion “No Tome Asiento”- “Del Niño” Musseum”, San juan, PR 1996
Collective Ceramics Exhibition – Colegio de Abogados, San Juan, PR 1997
Hip-Hop Conducere – Puerto Rico Museum of Art, San Juan PR 2002
Collective Shop windows Exhibition “Saludo a La Trienal Poligráfica” – San Juan PR 2002
Trucker Hat Exhbition – NYCA 2003
Drawind and painting Collective Exhibition – Caguas Department of Culture, Caguas PR 2011
Collective Drawings Exhibitions – Mango’s Café, Isla Verde, San Juan PR 2006
Collective Exhibition “Tribute to Professor Artemio Rivera” – Caguas Art Museum 2011

Other experiences

“Create You” – Mural Hato Rey, PR
Puppets Design and Construction Workshop -El Mundo de Los Muñecos- 2011
“Ten Fingers – Digital designs” cartoon characters for animation for children. 2004
“Paradiso Films” – Temporary tatto for Kia Motors Commercial – 2004
“Grafitti workshop” – Caguas Art Museum. 2003-2004
Puppet Design, Construction and Handling of Puppets – Puppets Theater Play “El Villancico Yaucano” Mario Donate Productions – 2000
Design of logos, Business Cards, Ilustrations for books and comics, Large Formats murals for shops and stores. – 1999 to present.         Tattoo Artist 1998 to Present



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