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Show the World Your Love for Exquisite Tattoos

There are many tattoo shops in Miami, FL. However, at Salvation Tattoo Lounge we have set ourselves apart from the rest by providing a clean, hygienic, and inviting atmosphere that attracts clientele with sophisticated tastes. Our tattoo artistry goes in-depth into the history of the artistic world of tattoos to afford you tattoos from many different genres. Our premier tattoo artists can provide you with tattoo designs that are gorgeous, affordable and one of a kind. We proudly offer the services of a professional permanent makeup artist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida too. When you require hygienic makeup services that will make your day easier, we can comply. We are one of the leading tattoo parlors in Miami that proudly offer services beyond extraordinary tattoo applications.

Body Modifications in Artistic Tattoo Forms

Our talented tattoo artists have been creating tattoos that they have drawn for their own exclusive lines for many years. They are also open to using designs that you bring in and want tattooed on your body. You can visit one of our shops for tattoos in Coral Springs to learn more about our exemplary tattoo services. If you are ready to adorn your body with piercings, we have many body piercing places in Fort Lauderdale, Florida too. Choose from a variety of high quality jewelry for your piercings, and relax knowing that our pristine and hygienic atmosphere will enable you to enjoy the experience without worrying about your health. Let us help you create a lifestyle concept that revolves around your individual style.

Superior Services from the Salvation Tattoo Lounge

  • Unique and Specialized Tattoo Art from Professional Tattoo Artists
  • Body Piercings by Expert Piercing Specialists
  • Permanent Makeup Solutions
  • Tattoo Cover Ups
  • Friendly and Informative After Care

Contact Us

Whether you want a new piercing, tattoo or permanent makeup, contact us to find out about our services that are sure to enrich your life. We are here to help you convey your style with award winning tattoo artists, and body modifying services that will make your life easier and more fun.

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Voted #1 in Miami 4 years in a row
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Deposit for Appointment $50.00
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Salvation Tattoo Lounge Words T-Shirt
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